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          Philanthropy at St. Mark's

          St. Mark’s School of Texas benefits from a rich history of philanthropic support. In the 1950s, Texas Instruments co-founders Cecil Green and Eugene McDermott set out to transform St. Mark’s into a leading independent school. They believed in the correlation between educational institutions and great cities; together, they contributed nearly $50 million to the School over five decades.

          This legacy inspires a new generation of donors to invest in the School. Alumni, parents, and friends remain steadfast in their commitment to ensuring that St. Mark’s provides one of the very best educations in the country. Philanthropic support of the St. Mark’s Fund, along with endowment income, provides every student with the equivalent of a nearly $10,000 scholarship and offsets the cost of educating a Marksman.

          Office of Development & Alumni Relations

          List of 16 members.

          • Photo of John Jolly

            Scott Jolly 

            Interim Director of Development
            (214) 346-8132
            Louisiana Tech University - B.S.
            Union College - M.A.Ed.
          • Photo of Jan Forrester

            Jan Forrester 

            Assistant Director of Development
            (214) 346-8225
            University of Texas - Dallas - B.A.
          • Photo of Catherine Rubarth

            Katy Rubarth 

            Director of Communications
            Middlebury College - B.A.
          • Photo of Alex Eshelbrenner

            Alex Eshelbrenner 04

            Director of Alumni Relations
            (214) 346-8274
            University of Kansas - B.S.
          • Photo of Christina Jarke

            Christina  Jarke 

            Director of the St. Mark's Fund
            (214) 346-8273
            Texas Tech University - B.S.
            University of North Texas - M.Ed.
          • Photo of Jeanette Bovenzi

            Jeanette Bovenzi 

            Development Assistant - Data Specialist
            (214) 346-8283
            Louisiana State University - B.S.
          • Photo of David Carden

            Dave Carden 

            Assistant Director of Communications
            (214) 346-8808
            University of North Texas - B.A.
          • Photo of Dansby Erwin

            Dansby Erwin 

            Development Assistant
            Vanderbilt University - B.S.
          • Photo of Patti Frank

            Patti Frank 

            Development Assistant
            (214) 346-8807
            University of North Texas - B. Ed.
            University of North Texas - M. Ed.
          • Photo of Alexandra Hughes

            Alex Hughes 

            Communications Coordinator
            (214) 346-8135
            Texas Christian University - B.F.A.
          • Photo of Samantha Insel

            Sam Insel 

            Database Manager
            (214) 346-8276
          • Photo of John Mallick

            Jack Mallick 14

            Reunion & Major Gift Coordinator
            (214) 346-8285
            Texas Christian University - B.S.
          • Photo of Anna Morris

            Anna Morris 

            Development Office Coordinator
            (214) 346-8134
          • Photo of Laura Sowells

            Laura Sowells 

            Interim Alumni Coordinator
          • Photo of Harrison Tassopoulos

            Harrison Tassopoulos 07

            Assistant Director of the St. Mark's Fund
            (214) 346-8133
            Tulane University - B.S.M.
          • Photo of Lexie Zitaglio

            Lexie Zitaglio 

            Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
            (214) 346-8275
            University of Texas - Austin - B.S.

          St. Mark’s School of Texas

          10600 Preston Road
          Dallas, Texas 75230


          About Us

          St. Mark’s School of Texas is a private, nonsectarian college-preparatory boys’ day school for students in grades 1 through 12, located in Dallas, Texas. St. Mark’s aims to prepare young men to assume leadership and responsibility in a competitive and changing world.

          St. Mark’s does not discriminate in the administration of its admission and education policies on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.

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