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          In response to the public health risks associated with the 新冠肺炎 virus, St. Mark’s continues to monitor daily updates from world, national, state, 和 local health officials.

          Following the cancellation of on-campus classes and activities in March 2020, the School formed a 远程学习型团队 comprised of faculty leaders across campus to support our teachers and students with training, guidance, and technical service. In addition, a Health & Wellness Team was assembled to ensure the continued support of the physical 和 social-emotional learning for boys across all three divisions of the School.

          St. Mark’s is actively monitoring the health situation and planning accordingly for the 2020–2021 school year and will keep our community updated. Our top priority remains the health, safety, and well-being of our Marksmen, faculty, and staff on 和 off campus.

          Read the latest updates from the Headmaster below.



          • An Update from the Athletic Director (July 30)

            Dear Upper School Students 和 父母,

            I hope you and your families are staying safe 和 healthy during these challenging times.

            The Southwest Preparatory Conference, the Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools, 和 the University Interscholastic League have recently announced their plans for the upcoming fall sports season, with many of these proposed plans including a postponed start date for fall sports.

            The SPC has been meeting regularly throughout the summer, and has further meetings scheduled early next week, to plan for fall sports in a way that will provide its student-athletes with the safest, most appropriate, 和 most meaningful experience possible. Earlier this month, the SPC released the following statement:

            "At this time, SPC schools are agreeing to delay any competition between schools for any of our sports to, at earliest, September 8. SPC counter games would not occur until, at earliest, the week of September 21."

            The postponement of the fall season sports, while disappointing, is necessary to safeguard the health of our student-athletes, coaches, staff, and families. The SPC and its member schools continue to closely monitor this situation while accessing and reviewing the appropriate public health 和 safety information from medical experts.

            At this point, we are planning to resume athletic activities with the initiation of team workouts and practices on September 8. Of course, these plans remain fluid 和 are subject to change. 
            Physical education and competitive athletics are instrumental to the growth and development of our students and play an important role in their overall health, wellness, and physical fitness. We are, of course, eager to resume on-campus athletic activities, and remain committed to providing our student-athletes with a safe, positive athletic experience that supports the mission of our School. Any disruption to our program is certainly cause for disappointment 和 frustration. At the same time, we know this to be a temporary challenge, one that we will work through together. We all look forward to bringing our programs, teams和ctivities back to full strength as quickly as possible.

            In the meantime, thank you again for your unwavering patience and support as we continue to navigate these uncharted waters together. We will communicate further updates 和 developments as soon as they become available. 
          • An Update from the Headmaster (July 17)

            Late yesterday in response to the ongoing concerns about the spread of 新冠肺炎 across our area, the Dallas County Department of Health and Human Services issued a new order for both public 和 private schools. It states:
            “Effective immediately and continuing through 11:59 p.m. on September 7, 2020, the Local Health Authority for Dallas County hereby imposes the following control measures on all public and private schools offering instruction to students in any 和 all grades, prekindergarten through grade 12:
            1. School systems shall not re-open for on-campus, face-to-face instruction until after Sept. 7, 2020. Administrators, teachers, and staff may conduct or facilitate the online learning process while on-campus provided social distancing is followed 和 facial coverings are worn at all times.
            2. Prior to Sept. 8, 2020, all Public 和 Private School Systems in Dallas County shall re-open schools through virtual, remote, or distance learning only.
            3. All school-sponsored events and activities, including but not limited to clubs, sports, fairs, exhibitions, academic 和/or athletic competitions, shall not take 地点 until school systems resume on-campus instruction.
            4. At least two weeks prior to re-opening for on-campus instruction and on-campus activities, each school system shall develop a written plan for resuming on-campus instruction and extracurricular activities and submit the plan to the Local Health Authority and make the plan available for parents 和 general public.”
            The County Order noted above also limits all extracurricular activities until September 8. Athletic practices are expected to begin at that time 和 games will likely commence one to two weeks after that. A decision earlier this week by the Southwest Preparatory Conference also suspended SPC counter competition until the week of September 21.
            Thank you for your continuing patience, flexibility, and support. I hope your boys are making the most of their time this summer and that you and your 家庭 are staying safe. We are eagerly anticipating the 2020-2021 school year 和 the opportunities it will bring.



          • An Update from the Headmaster (July 1)

            I hope this note finds you and your 家庭 doing well 和 staying safe.
            昨天标志着2019 - 2020学年的正式结束,已经在我们的社会带来了前所未有的挑战的时期。我想表达我们对你帮助我们操纵这些令人不安的时间,还为您提供我们的学校今年秋季重新开放规划的更新已经扮演的角色集体的感谢。你很清楚,不确定性继续遍及日常生活中我们的学校,我们的城市和我们的国家。整个春季和夏季进入的最初几周,我们的团队成员已经在为下一学年的计划努力工作。
            It is our commitment to every student, past, present, and future, that will support and encourage us all through the days, weeks, 和 months ahead.
            We have assembled a Reopening Team and various project teams to support our planning work throughout the summer. I want to thank my colleagues across the “virtual” campus, many of whom have suspended significant time away with their families, to focus on planning for the fall. We have also welcomed a number of talented new colleagues who have joined these efforts sooner than previously planned. As you know, preparing for so many contingencies requires an all-hands-on-deck approach. We have project teams working in areas including 学术课程, 课外课程, Health & Safety, 设备 & Operations, Campus Events, Schedule & 日历, 通讯s, 和 治理.
            As we navigate the upcoming year together, please know that our thinking, planning, and preparations will always be guided by our fundamental commitment to the safety and well-being of the students 和 adults across our community.  
            On Campus, Virtual, 和 Blended Learning
            你可以想像,这封信是不是我可以在一年前预计的写作,我的乐观,以及挫折的时刻,你们每个人时刻分享。在这些具有挑战性的时刻,我想到了学校的历史以及我们的教师,家庭,学生必须在最有挑战性的时期已经感觉到,以及。时间创始人的大厅被烧毁在1940年代初期,没有保险和类必须几十年后搬到SMU校园一年,或期限时,有远见的领导人建立了数学科学四边形,建立了学校的财务援助捐赠,招募励志老师喜欢汤姆·亚当斯来自全国各地,并集成了学生的身体废除种族隔离曾在达拉斯学校站稳了脚跟前。我想想射手的今天谁正在塑造世界的积极而重要的方式,以勇气和荣誉领先一代。这次挑战我们 - 我们所有的人,在方式,我们从来不敢想象的。我继续通过我们的历史的力量和乐观和承诺体现在我们目前的学生,家庭和教师要知道,我们会出现这些挑战比以往更强大来支撑。
            While there is much work ahead, together, we will continue to strengthen 和 enhance St. Mark’s mission of helping boys develop into good men who will make a positive difference.
            Again, we will provide several additional updates during the month of July as our planning unfolds. Also, next week we will send an end-of-year report to the whole School community highlighting the milestones of the 2019-2020 school year. In the meantime, please accept my sincere thanks for your ongoing support, commitment, 和 partnership.
          • An Update from the Athletic Director (June 25)

            Dear Upper School Students 和 父母,
            In response to the recent increase of 新冠肺炎 cases in Dallas County, we must suspend our plans for on-campus summer strength and conditioning programs. Campus remains closed to all students 和 activities.
            Coach Dilworth will be communicating more specific details about these remote strength and conditioning workouts in the days to come. He will also be available to answer questions 和 discuss any additional summer training needs that you may have. 
            Thank you for your continued patience, cooperation, and understanding as we work together to support our student-athletes. We will continue to monitor this evolving situation 和 communicate updates as soon as they become available.
          • An Update from the Headmaster (June 12)


            I hope that this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy 和 safe. Now that the 2019-2020 school year has come to a close, we would like to share preliminary information about our plans for the resumption of school this fall.
            在2019 - 2020学年肯定已经挑战,使劲我们人力和组织资源,在许多意想不到的方式。我为道路我们的社会已多次走到一起,彼此支持,锐意进取深表感谢。我们将采取这些困难的教训着与我们在这个过程中发展壮大。我们帮助孩子们的使命发展成为优秀的男人从未像现在这样重要,而我们实现这一目标的承诺是坚定不移的。感谢您持续的支持与合作。
            Sending best wishes to you 和 your 家庭.

          • An Update from the Headmaster (June 3)

            Dear Members of the St. Mark’s Community,
            Last week we witnessed another horrifying example of racial injustice that led to the death of a defenseless American citizen. We all have been struggling to understand why some in our society fail to take responsibility for the well-being of others. Moreover, in far too many instances, racism toward African Americans continues to weaken the sense of community that is so important to all of us as human beings. It was sad and appalling to see the graphic and disturbing images that have prompted so many to speak out during the past week, including our graduates. We all have a responsibility to confront bigotry, hatred, and discrimination wherever 和 whenever it occurs. We can, in fact we must, be better than that.
            Thank you for supporting our mission of helping Marksmen reach their full potential, potential that will enable them to make the world a better 地点.
          • 从校长的更新(5月2日)



            As many of you know, one of our highest priorities in 目标为ST。申博注册IV 是扩大学生的访问和承受能力。我们已经度过了过去几年的计划,以减少学生入学的资金障碍的工作。我们也认识到,最近的事件提出了突如其来的金融挑战我们目前的许多家庭,将那些需要尽最大可能做出回应。在未来的日子里,你会从苏珊娜·汤森,我们的首席财务官,关于扩充学费融资方案和新的举措以应对在需要财政援助的潜在增长来接收信息。 ST。申博注册对声音和审慎的财务管理的长期承诺,比以往任何时候都更加重要,因为它提供了在不确定的时间了坚实的基础。
            The recent gratitude collage posted on 10600 of all 32 first graders thanking the senior class really warmed my heart. It was a great reminder that we are one community, made up of many varied parts, unified by a common purpose 和 a core set of enduring values. I hope you had a chance to see it.
            Thank you for all that you do to make St. Mark’s such a special 地点 for boys to develop into good men.

          • An Update from the Headmaster (April 25)

            Dear Members of the St. Mark's Community,
            Greetings from St. Mark’s. Many of you know that today we would normally be gathering with more than 1,000 graduates and their families to celebrate 校友 Weekend. In fact, this past week we would have held our All-School Spring Convocation, celebrated our most accomplished senior scholars at the Cum Laude induction ceremony, and enjoyed the Spring Orchestra concert, among many other year-end celebrations. We also would have attended Chapel, watched boys share time together on the quad, sat across the lunch table from colleagues and friends, taken in spring sporting events as we geared up for SPC, and so much more. It’s the little things 和 the big things that make every day at St. Mark’s special.
            在过去五年星期,我们的家庭已经花费了太多的时间尽可能外出走动在附近。我很喜欢我们的大女儿梅根,谁在点灯教二年级每天跑,我们经常遇到ST。申博注册的家庭。 1天上周,梅根和我遇到了一个较低的学校射手谁是出去骑自行车,他的妈妈和他的妹妹。后来我才知道,他已经有点情绪低落,我们的巧遇已经解除他的精神。好了,他不知道的是,看到他让我精神大振,太!像其他人一样,我非常怀念在校园的相处,观察和谈话的男孩,看着他们带领,鼓励他们,因为他们竞争,并从同事学习日常能源。在这些困难和充满挑战的时代,我们都在尽最大努力,但它肯定是不容易的。我对社会各界的力量令人难以置信的感谢,我们享受和有信心,我们会从这一时期更强大,更坚决的出现,并为许多祝福更感谢大家欣赏。
            As we complete our fifth week of remote learning and head into the final month of school, our team has developed a new year-end schedule, 和 I have attached this for your review. It includes the dates when School will conclude for our various grade levels, information on AP考试和 最终活动预览. In the next week, we will share more detailed information about year-end recognition 和 various concluding traditions. 
            In the meantime, I want to express, once again, my profound gratitude to each 和 every one of you — it is on my mind every minute of every day. This year has tested us in many new ways, but I am proud of how our community has responded. Thank you for never wavering in your commitment to our School.
          • An Update from the Headmaster (April 18)

            Dear Members of the St. Mark’s Community,
            I hope this note finds you and your 家庭 doing well 和 staying safe. As many of you now know, yesterday we learned that our campus will have to remain closed through the conclusion of this school year. While not unexpected, this news is certainly disappointing.
            In the coming week, we will communicate more about our plans to bring the year to a successful and positive close. The Lower, Middle, and Upper Schools will be sharing additional information in the coming days 和 weeks. In addition, we recently shared our 毕业应急预案 与高级班和他们的家庭,因为我们专注于庆祝这些年轻人谁贡献这么多的ST。标记的社区。而我们都不得不对我们的计划和预期急剧调整,我继续感到鼓舞,并通过我们的孩子,我们的家庭,我们的同事们的反应感到鼓舞。价值观,精神和承诺,巩固我们的社会从来没有更明显。
            正如我告诉孩子们和我的同事多次在最近几个星期,今年已经没有了在我们学校历史上最艰难的时期之一的疑问。然而,我们都在难以测量的方式生长。在上周的呼叫与高级班,我提醒孩子们,许多历史上最显着的领导人经历过,事实上,在巨大的逆境中茁壮成长。林肯。丘吉尔。国王。通话结束后,一个男孩发短信给我桃乐丝·卡恩斯·古德温的普利策奖获奖书的图像, 在动荡时期的领导, noting “who could’ve guessed how relevant this would be for our senior year!” Indeed, from a devastating tornado to a global pandemic, we’ve all grown and been tested in unimaginable ways. Of course, I am proud to say that our boys have repeatedly and consistently lived out our motto, courage 和 honor.
            Nancy joins me in sending our prayers, warmest wishes, and sincere thanks to each and every one of you. Thank you for your unwavering support 和 partnership.

          • 毕业应急预案s from the Headmaster (April 17, 2020)


            I hope this note finds you and your 家庭 doing well 和 staying safe.
            As you may know, we have been actively developing contingency plans for our major graduation events including Marksmen Ball, Baccalaureate, and Commencement, in the event that we cannot hold these events as originally scheduled in May. We have actively sought feedback and guidance from the boys during this process 和 are pleased to provide you with an update on our plans.
            Should we unable to hold our graduation events in May, we have identified two series of dates, in early 和 late summer as backup possibilities. As is noted in 所附文件如果我们不得不推迟下个月的活动中,我们将首先着眼于B计划日期(16年6月15日,和17)。如果由于某种原因在六月B计划日期是不可能的,那么我们将转向计划中c日期(30年7月29日,和31)。此信息已与您共享的儿子,我鼓励你,以确保这些日期被固定在你的日历。而前面还有不确定性,我们真诚地希望,这一计划将确保我们已经做好准备适当庆祝和纪念类2020年不管是什么。
            If you have questions or concerns, I urge you to reach out to Colin Igoe as soon as possible. Of course, we all recognize that postponing these important events is certainly not desirable. However, we want to make sure that we are as prepared as possible for every contingency.
            Thank you for your understanding, 和 your unwavering support!

          • An Update from the Headmaster (April 11, 2020)

            I hope this note finds you and your 家庭 doing well, enjoying the Passover and Easter weekend. As we look back on our third week of remote learning, it has been affirming to hear positive anecdotes from boys and teachers about the value and impact of expanded interactive engagement. With the integration of added structure and synchronous class meetings for boys in Middle and Upper School, we’ve seen encouraging results. As always, I want to express my gratitude to you for your ongoing support of your sons and our shared partnership. I also want to recognize and thank our dedicated teachers and professional staff who continue to extend themselves in the face of new 和 ever-evolving challenges.
            本周我们发布了 在孕晚期分级政策 提供关于分级和评估的主题更加清晰,明确表达明确的期望,并提供为男孩继续鼓励。我们也在本周宣布,期末考试也被取消。从男孩和教师的反馈是积极的。我们将继续把重点放在不断学习和积极参与的男生我们的精力。同时,我们要减少焦虑和不确定性,使孩子们和老师简单地聚焦于不断成长和进步的机会。
            上周四下午,几个同事和我有机会收集与高级研修班“几乎”谈毕业活动正在开发的应急预案。这是伟大的听(看)的男生,和乐趣,再次与他们进行互动为一组。我想起什么的年轻人一个特殊的收集他们当他们问集中在第3个问题的福祉别人的,其中包括:“怎么会为类的'21少年班的传统持续” “怎么会是学校的支持我们的保安人员谁继续工作,在校园的健康和安全?”和“是小时工,包括托管,食堂的工作人员,和其他校园关闭期间仍在付款?”我离开的时候鼓舞和男孩举起来,因为他们仍然正视专注于它的意思是一个好人。
            过去的这个星期的班2020年也获得了积极的入场消息大量来自高校多样化的名单。我很骄傲的不得了这些男孩,不只是赚取入学等一系列高选择性的大学,而是那种年轻人,因为他们正在成为 - 体贴,关爱,坚定,富有同情心,并且有弹性。同时,对于ST入学需求。标志的遗体高。我们刚刚完成了在校史上最有选择性的入场一年,承认申请人池的只有18%,而登记谁被接纳为明年秋季男生的95%。学生流失也是目前在历史最低点。在很大的不确定性的时候,这些结果是令人鼓舞的肯定,他们到社区,我们享受的实力说话。放心,我们从来没有采取任何这是理所当然的。对于进一步的更新,我鼓励你看看最近发布版本 骄傲 和 该remarker和往常一样,您可以访问 10600.
            Thank you for your unwavering support as we work together in support of every Marksman. Here’s to a very positive week ahead.

          • An Update from the Headmaster (April 4, 2020)

            当我们反思远程学习的第二个星期,我希望你和你的家人都做得很好,并保持健康。我也想谢谢你们积极支持你们的儿子,在此期间不确定性和破坏我们的老师合作。虽然我们都不断地适应挑战和日常生活的限制,过去一周,我们已经通过确认我们在我们的社会如此高度重视关系的强度连接的故事抬起。我特别是在功能上初级班“感恩”的视频感动 10600 yesterday, hearing the boys express heartfelt thanks to their teachers, coaches和dvisors.
            I know that these continuous changes are unsettling. The past year has, without a doubt, been among the most challenging in our School’s long and storied history. And, this is the time of year when we all begin looking forward to the many celebrations and milestones that mark the passage of time and of our boys progress on the path to manhood. We are, of course, already thinking carefully about how to bring forward our important rituals and traditions, not the least of which are the culminating events for our graduating seniors. Notwithstanding the extraordinary disruption to their final year at St. Mark’s, these boys have continued to lead us forward with optimism, thoughtfulness, 和 generosity.
            We have all learned a great deal during the first two weeks of remote learning. In week one we established basic rhythms, patterns, and interactions. This week we introduced advisory meetings and more interactive engagement. After considerable planning 和 preparation, next week we will transition to 远程学习的阶段ii and layer in a clear and simple schedule for Middle and Upper School boys to further exp和 interactive student-teacher engagement. In grades 5-12, synchronous class meetings will be added not just to support continued learning, but also the important 关系 that underpin our community.
            Thank you for your continuing support as we work together, hand in hand, to support the continued growth 和 development of every Marksman. While the learning curve is certainly steep for all of us, we’re in it together.

          • An Update from the Headmaster (March 27, 2020)

            The past few weeks have been filled with many noteworthy and memorable experiences. In particular, I want to acknowledge and recognize the extraordinary leadership, thoughtfulness, and initiative that has been demonstrated by the Class of 2020. Notwithstanding the extraordinary disruption to their final year at St. Mark’s, they have stepped up time and time again to lead our community forward with care and compassion. Even over spring break, seniors were working on a variety of fronts not only to support one another, but also to support younger Marksmen. We’ve had daily meetings and conversations with many boys, 和 it is safe to say, without hesitation, that I have never been more grateful to be part of the St. Mark’s 家庭.
            我们的理念,本周已经“走慢走的快,”我们的优先事项是建立建立一个可持续的基础,我们可以建立上,改进和扩大的节奏,模式和工具。一如既往,这些努力需要团队合作,我要感谢我们的远程学习的团队和我们的健康和保健的团队谁是要不遗余力地支持学生,教师和家庭成员。在未来一周,你会看到我们的互动和活动的有意义的扩展,包括学生领导的教堂服务,定期和更频繁的咨询聚会,教师办公时间,并不断加大力度支持是如此重要的社区的债券我们所有人。在这方面,来自全国各地的社区每日更新上可以找到 10600.
            Finally, I want to acknowledge the unfailing leadership provided by the 受托人董事会, the 父母’ Association, and the 校友会. We are blessed to have so many dedicated volunteer leaders who support us at every turn 和 always have the School’s long-term well-being in mind.
            I continue to find great confidence in the spirit of our community and the strength of our mission. As always, we are squarely focused on the continued development and well-being of every boy. Decisions in the days and weeks to come will be guided by our commitment to serve the boys well. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out for support 和 guidance.
            My sincerest thanks to each of you as we continue to navigate together what has been a truly extraordinary school year. Thank you for your patience, your unwavering support, 和 your continuing partnership as we work to help every boy reach his full potential.

          • An Update to Faculty & Staff from the Headmaster (March 23, 2020)

            Happy Monday, I hope you’re doing well. Thank you, once again, for all of the time, energy, and creativity you are investing in the transition to remote learning. The spirit, enthusiasm, 和 professionalism that our whole team has generated in recent days have been simply remarkable.


            Thank you for your thoughtfulness and care for one another 和 for the boys.

            Again, we are in it together! Onward 和 upward!!!


          • An Update to Faculty & Staff from the Headmaster (March 21, 2020)

            As we go forward, here are four principles to keep in mind.
            第一,组 现实的期望 为自己和孩子们。  
            第二, remember, classroom instruction will be 异步
            第三关系 处于我们所做的一切的中心。
            第四,把注意力集中在 health & well-being 的男孩和对方。 
            Also, just to confirm, students are not allowed on campus.  Faculty and staff are discouraged from coming to campus and encouraged to work remotely.  If you choose to come to campus, please notify your department chair in advance, keep in mind the guidelines from health officials, 和 remember that children are not allowed.  You also will be hearing from Kurt Tholking soon about the 远程学习型团队 和 the resources that they can provide for teachers.  The most recently updated version of the远程学习计划 连接为您的评论。  
            Thank you for your unwavering commitment as we work together to support every boy in our charge.  And, as always, please reach out to department chairs, division heads, John, and me in the coming days and weeks with questions, suggestions, 和 stories. 
            而只记得, 一步一步来!!!
            With profound gratitude 和 admiration,
          • An Update from the Headmaster (March 20, 2020)

            Dear Members of the St. Mark's Community,
            我希望这记认定你和你的家人做的很好,保持安全,并享受一些休息和恢复的时间在一起。因为我们已经通过一个极不寻常的春假使我们的方式,我们都在用,在过去的几个星期已经成为非常普遍的不确定性不同的方式已经搏斗。它已被确认,并在最近几天鼓舞人心已经从同学,同事,家长听到了,谁毕业生分享了我们的学校和意义的他们的热情,承诺和爱 家庭 和 地点 它代表。
            In so many ways, the strong sense of community that we share continues to inform our thinking and planning as we transition to remote learning on Tuesday, March 24. Our commitment to helping every Marksman reach his full potential remains our primary focus, and, while the methods of interaction and program delivery will shift, our mission 和 fundamental objectives remain intact.
            As part of our ongoing preparation, we have formed a 远程学习型团队 comprised of faculty leaders across campus to support our teachers and students with training, guidance, 和 technical service. In addition, a Health & Wellness Team 已组装,以确保我们继续支持物理和社会情感学习为整个学校的所有三个部门的男生。这些团体包括咨询,体育,体育教育,计算机科学,技术,护理和通讯的办公室专业人员。我要感谢领导,这些和其他同事谁已经无数的方法,使未来几周内尽可能无缝上前的承诺。
            Thank you for your continued support as we work together on behalf of every Marksman.
          • An Update from the Headmaster (March 12, 2020)

            To Members of the St. Mark’s Community,

            As I shared with the boys in Middle and Upper School Chapels in recent days, we’ve learned a great deal this year about the importance of resilience, determination, 和 flexibility. In addition, we’ve also developed an even greater appreciation for the importance of community.

            As circumstances regarding the 新冠肺炎 virus evolve, we remain in constant contact with local and state public health officials as well as with our peer schools. In response to growing safety concerns about large group gatherings 和 CDC guidance about social distancing, we write to bring you up to date on the School’s plans for the next several weeks.


            Immediately following Spring Break, we will also suspend onsite academic classes for the week of March 23-27, as well as all co-curricular events, including athletic practices and games, campouts, trips, 和 other events. During this period away from campus, we will conduct online classes as part of our remote learning plan.

            This decision has been made after lengthy consideration and is driven by our commitment to the health and safety of the community. We also recognize the challenges and disruption associated with these developments and appreciate your underst和ing.

            As has been noted previously, members of our team have been actively preparing to conduct classes remotely so that teachers can advance student learning and ongoing interaction with the boys. We will provide continual updates 和 specific information about our remote learning plan on the School's website.

            Thank you for your continued patience 和 support.


          • An Update from the Headmaster (March 7, 2020)

            Dear Members of the St. Mark’s Community,
            • Wash hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, or use alcohol-based h和 sanitizer
            • 避免触摸眼睛,鼻子和嘴
            • Avoid close contact with people who are sick
            • 盖咳嗽或打喷嚏
            • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects 和 surfaces
            • 获得流感疫苗
            In addition, we strongly urge students to stay home if they show any signs of respiratory illness or flu-like symptoms.
            Please consult the following organizations for more information:
            有关更多信息,请访问 健康与保健 page on the School’s website. We will send out additional updates in the weeks ahead as developments arise.
          • Letter from Nurse Julie (January 27, 2020)

            Dear Members of the St. Mark’s Community,
            In the meantime, public health officials note that the flu and other common respiratory illnesses are circulating in our area, 和 they recommend the following basic prevention guidelines:
            • Individuals 6 months 和 older are encouraged to get a flu shot.
            • Wash your hands with soap and water or use alcohol-based h和 sanitizer.
            • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, 和 mouth.
            • Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.
            • Stay home when you are sick, 和 keep sick children at home.
            Thank you for your continuing commitment to the safety 和 well-being of individuals across our community. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.
            朱莉doerge R.N.


          • 校友 Weekend (April 23–25) has been rescheduled to coincide with Homecoming Weekend (October 16–17, 2020).
          • St. Mark's plans to hold Commencement for the Class of 2020 on Friday, July 31. Ongoing public safety restrictions 和 social distancing guidelines will guide planning as we prepare to honor our seniors.
          • The Pecos Wilderness Trip originally scheduled for August 2020 has been postponed to August 2021. The School has already begun the preliminary planning for next summer and looks forward to leading trips for both the Class of 2024 和 the Class of 2025. More information will be released later in the year as our planning is finalized.





          ST。标记的得克萨斯州的学校 is a private, nonsectarian college-preparatory boys’ day school for students in grades 1 through 12, located in Dallas, Texas. St. Mark’s aims to prepare young men to assume leadership and responsibility in a competitive 和 changing world.

          St. Mark’s does not discriminate in the administration of its admission 和 education policies on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin.

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